Arcade Game

Quasar is an arcade videogame installation which was designed and developed during Prof. Dr. Franklin Hernández-Castro four week course “3-dimensional foundations in media space”, which took place in the second semester of my studies.

The idea behind the installation was to create an arcade game-like feeling, which you might know when you ever have been to a gaming center. With the goal to somehow recreate this experience for the user, part of the solution was on one hand to create a big and bright gaming screen area, which gives the user the opportunity to stand right in front of it to play the game. On the other hand we aimed for a gaming style, in which the user tries to reach the highest score possible, in a certain amount of time. Therefore the user has control over 3 different coloured circles which he can move simultaneously around a common center point. In this center point three different, smaller cirlces are spawned, of which each one has to be caught with the controllable cirlce in the matching color.


The game itself was developed with Box2D.js, which is a library for java script. The percs of the library are a advanced simulation of real life physics like gravitiy or the velocity of objects placed in the gaming enviroment. This circumstance had a great effect on how objects turned out to behave in QUASAR, which we didn’t think about in the first place during the development of the game. The controlling interface was build by using a MakeyMakey board which triggers keyboard inputs in the code of the game.

Kai Magnus Müller
Sebastian Schmid
Marius Schnabel
Yihuang Wang