Health Hub –
Revised Health Care System

The Health Hub project had the, by far, most intensive research phase of all the projects I worked on yet. Since our goal was to take a closer look on the german health care system, there was a huge amount of knowledge to acquire before we could understand its state of today, with all of the dependencies between the single institutions acting in it, including each one of us, as the patient in the middle. 

During the process we repeatedly asked ourselves, what we would identify as problems that really annoy us when being in need of medical treatment. And of course, all of us have been patients before or some of us are right now. Which doctor has which data from me?
Which data could be relevant for an optimized medical treatment, or even better: keep me healthy?
Against which diseases have I already been vaccinated?
What kind of medicines did I take in my past that could affect my future treatments?
One question among all the others that kept us very busy, was how to detect a wrong medication before the patient takes the first dose of his newly prescribed medicine.

Screen01 – Health Hub
Screen02 – MedikationHome
Screen06 – PopUp
Screen07 – Freigaben

With the concept for Health Hub, we approached these questions, thinking about how solutions could look like in one connected system, while using technologies that are already available for us or will be ready for practical use in the near future.

The output of the project was the concept for an cross-plattform application.